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Combined Internet Group was founded by an internet entrepreneur in Arkansas who grew tired of the poor customer service and the click fraud issues that he was experiencing, while using the big internet players such as MSN, ASK, Google and Yahoo. He decided that there had to be a better way to do keyword and display internet advertising. A few years ago the better way didn't exist. But it does now.

Who we are:

Today, Combined Internet Group is a family of websites that utilizes its proprietary advertising system to send quality internet traffic to the world. Since the addition of Sunshine Search to our family of sites results have been phenomenal. Thanks to our high quality click traffic and our great customer service, our search advertiser retention rate is among the highest in the industry.

Our Affiliate Sites:

Papa Fox

Sunshine Search

Falcon Eye

Some Of Our Great Advertisers:

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As a result of the early success of our family of sites, our internet traffic rankings began to catch the attention of several major internet advertisers. Major companies began to contact us wanting to advertise on our sites. The rest is history as we now are proud to be the choice for over 3,000 major internet advertisers.

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Even if you don't have a website or have never done search marketing let Combined Internet Group advertising leverage your business to more profits. We are eager to share with you more about our company as well as more about our very affordable search advertising solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you!